I would like to introduce two beautiful girls who are new to Eromaxx.net. Their names are Mia and Efrona. Both of these sexy babes appeared in MyFetish.net and Mia also featured in two DSO parties already. I think that is great that these two sexy women enlarge Orgymax “stable” :-) .



I would like to welcome both of these girls in Eromaxx team and I will definitely bring more informations about them very soon. How I’ve mentioned yesterday you could also expect Efrona featuring in brand new pissing scenes what we made this week.

November 20, 2009 1:57 pm by: admin1 Comment

Hallo everybody, I am here today with brand new pix from party hardcore and here is another picture report from this ultimate hardcore event!!! I don’t want to tell you so many informations, because I know you love surprises :-) , but I still could share few of  news from this brand new party!


ph05Warm up….

Party hardcore started again with  little warm up, some sexy games which is entertainment for girl :-) and a lot of fun for all who are joining this party! Here are couple of pix from this warm up, it is very good because it makes many girls feel comfortable and get naughty :-) !

ph02Happy cutie

I’ve watched pix and found couple of babes who really took my attention so I picked these pix and published them here for you. This party is special because a lot of babes got involved and they were very nasty, I was surprised how these teeny babes could be naughty and wild.

ph03Party babes

I honestly cannot imagine myself in 18, go to the party like that and just blow some unknown guy’s cock… But maybe I cannot imagine that because there was no Party hardcore when I was 18 :-D !!!


ph04And more and more and more…. coming soon on partyhardcore.com!!!

But now here is brand new Party Hardcore and brand new group of sexy amateur babes, the most of them are students and they were more then ready to party! Enjoy this party very soon on PartyHardcore.com!!!! Barbara Summer xxoo

1:10 pm by: admin18 Comments

Let me to invite you guys to watch brand new piss scenes what eromaxx team made this week for PissingInAction.com!

girl05Celine Noiret

girl04and who is this?….

These brand new stuff are promising many super hot Eromaxx models and stars! I am definitely curious to see Celine Noiret in scene with new babe and Wain Lewis, will be very exciting in my opinion how Wayne and Celine teach new chick how to enjoy piss action! I always liek to watch new babes in action, it is very exciting :-) ! Plus Wayne let girls to piss on his head as a little bonus for all of you who like to watch stuff like that!

Vanessaxxx01Vanessa in leather dress (You will see also Vanessa doing live piss show TOMORROW on EromaxxLive!!!!!!!!!)

Then I must mention another scene with two couples, you will see two girls in boy-girl action, even these girl are only doing lesbian stuff, this will be great chance for you to see Morgan Moore and Vanessa get fuck with hard cock and receive golden shower!

girl01Eliss Fire

And then something for teeny lovers, sexy teeny babe Lexxis Brown, together with experienced Carmen Black, Lexxis even she is not such a long time in porn biz, she is very filthy and nasty babe and this is her first experience with piss action, how she’s handled it you will see soon on this famous pissing site pissinginaction.com!!!!

girl03Lexxis Brown

And something for guys who like MILFs, because Klarisa is one of the hottest MILF babes who entered porn biz during last years and she is also into the piss and fist action, we always hire her when we have chance! This girl loves sex and we even pump up action in this scene because we add another hot girl, Eliss Fire!

I am pretty sure that will be unforgettable experience for you watching these new scenes and will definitely always bring you back! Of course the whole action is completed with super elegant clothing, what goes with smooth satin and silk Eromaxx style!

November 19, 2009 2:04 pm by: admin7 Comments

I hope everybody here doing great Wednesday, I am back after one day off and going to inform you about brand new Live  Show schedule, I would like to inform you also about the couple of changes, what we decided to make regarding these show what we are sharing with Club 17.

CarmenBlackCarmen Black, show operator for Friday 20 November

The first of all we decided to give you more interactive operator :-) , this week it will be Carmen Black and she will chat with you from 11:00 pm (23:00 CET) and then also operate hardcore show which will start as usual from 00:00, Midnight CET and will directly go to the  1 on 1 system, called Show  time and you could enjoy hardcore show, which costs only 1 credit = 1 Euro per minute, I think that is great deal to see the hardcore action live!!!!!

The last information, there will be only one show a week, we are starting with Friday 20 and then another show will be at Saturday 28 and we will continue like that. It is another step of testing these shows, so let me to invite you guys, to join Hardcore Live Show this Friday, November 20.

And who you will see?!!

This is great chance for all of you, who like Vanessa and wish to see her also in boy-girl action, instead of girl-girl she made for us till now. Vanessa will do boy-girl action, including pissing action at friday, starting at 00:00 – Midnight Central European Time.


Enjoy Vanessa in BOY – GIRL PISS action and have fun!!!

November 18, 2009 4:31 pm by: admin2 Comments



I hope you guys have wonderful weekend. I was just a bit disappointed that just a few of you were chatting with me at Friday and Saturday night, it was very nice to see erofanboy on line there at Friday, just I was surprised that he doesn’t follow us to the live piss show with Tatiana and Vanessa later.

This week will be very busy for Eromaxx team, because tomorrow we have big PissingInAction production, where will be a lot of famous Eromaxx babes featuring! Then there is another production, which is Tyrannized.com produced by Gina Killmer, so that is good news for all of you who like tough girls :-) .

Aaaand even better news for all of you who are Party Hardcore fans, yes it is incredible but this week we will produce this unique event again!!! It seems like we are doing one every week, but actually we are doing one a month, but time runs so fast.

The last news is, that tomorrow we have holiday in this country and it is very special holiday, because 20 year ago, November 17, 1989 students and finally also all people (almost all) finished communism… That was big and successful day for this country, but I know that some people for example in USA still thing that Czech republic is part of Soviet Union :-D …I remember at 2005, when I was in LA, one lady who was working in the store asked me about that…I was in mood between to laugh and kick her ass :-D !

So I am going to be away tomorrow, but I will be back at Wednesday. So have fun with Eromaxx sites and feel free to leave me a comment! Barbara xxoo

November 16, 2009 6:37 pm by: admin10 Comments


Quiz Result

blackangelinaBlack Angelina

Finally we have quiz result here, actually the second part of the last Eromaxx Blog Quiz! We have even the winner who recognized this sexy ass! This ass owner is beautiful Hungarian actress Black Angelina! This hot babe wmade this beautiful scene for MyFetish.net with Marco Nero, Italia actor and what was definitely super cool for all wet look lovers was that on the end of this scene he trow her in the pool!!! Congratulation to only winner who recognize this sexy round butt! I can promise that you will have more chance to win DVD from MaxxMovies ion this blog again :-) ! Barbara Summer

November 13, 2009 2:08 pm by: admin2 Comments

How I have mentioned in my bio, the very first scene in my life was bi-sexual, what I was doing with two bi guys, they have sex with me and also with each other. I was very nervous from doing porn scene that I didn’t really think about that in way that is is strange or different. I made two scenes during that day and both were two guys and me.

Then I didn’t do stuff like that long long time but one guy hired me again for bi-scene and I could tell that was very cool. I did kinda “gang bang”, but wasn’t very hard actually, even there was about ten guys (all bi) they were fucking with each other, so I wasn’t only person getting fucked :-) !

Then a made more and more movies like that, not very often but time to time and I start to have fantasies about it and it became normal for me, different, but normal. I think the most of people consider that two girls having lesbian sex is natural…but two guys…I would say many guys talking about gay sex in very bad way…even it is really not fair, but actually I know many people and I think customers of BiMaxx.com will agree with me consider bi sex as a big turn on!

I have actually never try anything like that home and I think many guys, even they would like to try that are silent, because they don’t want their friends think about them in the wrong way…

It makes from bi sex kinda big fantasy and mystery what many people haven’t try. Is there someone who try something like that between you guys (girls) who are reading this blog? Let me know, I am curious to read your experiences and fantasies. Send me an email if you don’t want to publish your story in “Leave the comment” area. Barbara Summer xoxo

November 12, 2009 6:00 pm by: admin6 Comments


Satin Blouses


Hello guys, thank you again for all your comments, I am always happy to get your suggestions! I am also getting a lot of emails where people asking where we are getting all these satin clothes, especially blouses. I could tell that the big part of clothing you can see in Orgymax site is owned by girls who wear them, but some are from Orgymax team and they are usually bought in luxury designer boutiques.

I am always trying to help guys who are asking me for help, where to shop these and I usually recommend my favorite Giorgio Armani, Prada, Escada or Pietro Philippi, I know these are expensive but I got also very nice blouses in cheaper stores, you just need to look for them very carefully.

I would like to ask you, if you know some very good stores or e-shops offering satin blouses, please share the contact with us here, because I am pretty sure everybody will be very happy about that, including me :-) ! Last time I’ve bought very nice cream satin blouse, it is still in my wardrobe, but I think I will wear it very soon and take some pix for you, because that is my favorite color.

If you guys know some good places where to shop satin blouses, no hesitate and share it with us. Thank you in advance for all guys who are looking for some blouses! Barbara Summer xxoo

November 11, 2009 2:36 pm by: admin12 Comments

And here is another schedule for our live web cam, I hope you guys will some to join these shows and also chat with me! There was always many questions asking where you guys can chat with me and now you can and I didn’t really see you there… Chat starting at 11:00 pm Central European Time at Friday and Saturday!

And here is the cast for this week shows:


You will see another super hot live PISS show, it will be lesbian pissing stuff, featuring Tatiana Milovani and Vanessa!

TatianaTatiana Milovani

Yes Tatiana Milovani live, that is I think great news for all her fans!!!!


And Vanessa already featured in our live show as well and did wonderful job!

Saturday’s SHOW

Means big surprise, because good known Eromaxx babe, Morgan Moore who appeared after long time in AllWam shoot and now she is willing to make super hot anal show, at Saturday, November 14 in our live chat studio, she will feature with her boyfriend Charlie!

MorganMoonMorgan Moore

Enjoy these brand new show, starting Friday and Saturday Midnight and last one hour!!! The whole hour of hardcore!!!!! Enjoy Eromaxx stars live!!

November 10, 2009 2:06 pm by: adminLeave a Comment



Hi guys, I was very surprised that not so many of you have joined the latest Eromaxx Blog Quiz, maybe you already have all DVDs from Eromaxx, well, even those few who join this quiz was not be able to recognize who’s ass is that, but actually we have one lucky guy, which is Erofanboy (looks like tradition already LoL) who recognized that the girl behind me is Monika Thu! Congratulation, you should get a half of DVD!:-D


Just joking, that was very good job Erofanboy and you won DVD from MaxxMovies, just remind me your address via email and let me know which DVD you wish to get, thanks. And for all of you who haven’t join my quiz yet, I will give you another chance, will let it here till Friday and you tell me whose ass is that?! This girl is black haired and the scene was made in Hungary. That is all help I can offer you, have fun with this quiz and good luck to you! Barbara xoxo

November 9, 2009 5:06 pm by: admin3 Comments

About Barbara Summer

  • Stage name: Barbara Summer
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Fave color: white
  • Fave sex position: missionary
  • Fave food: sushi, Italian food, Czech food
  • Fave drink: red wine
  • Bio:

    About Barbara Summer Started porn career at 2003, the first job was bi scene with two guys, 2003-2004 shooting for small companies in Czech republic, feature dancing in Italy, 2004-2005 working for a different American companies like Zero Tolerance, Vivid, Red Light, Platinum X, Hustler, DVSX, Anabolic, Wicked and many others. 2005 – 2006 starts working for Eromaxx.net, appeared in DrunkSexOrgy.com, MyFetish.net, MadSexParty.com and many other Eromaxx.net sites. From 2006 doing Blog for Eromaxx.net/Orgymax.com and working for Eromaxx/Orgymax team